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Abrirse el Cuerpo
(Opening oneself, 2022)

“The task of remembering one's many selves is a difficult liberatory task.”

― María Lugones.


This work is inspired by María Lugones' “plurality of selves” that coexist in an individual and a continuous reflection on my ongoing creative research of gender violence against women and identities not aligned with the colonial project. The elements in this piece create metaphors to guide the audience in witnessing three women through different states coming to terms with themselves and claiming their right to own and rule their lives through a loving, healing, and mutually supportive environment.

This work is dedicated to my beloved sister, Ashly García, and the memory of my mamá, Lucía Martínez (extrañándote cada día más).


Concept and choreography: Stephanie García*

Movement Design: Dancers and Stephanie García

Cast: Angeline Bourgeault, Leslie Jara, and Josephine Kolbeck

Voices: Mikeas Sánchez, Yesika Salgado, and Kearney McDonnell 

Music: Nicolas Jaar, Sir Julian Gould, Ola Szmidt, Gidge, Camille Mandoki, and Ryan Ross, featuring vocals by Megan Burke

Props and videos: Stephanie García

Performers on video: Angeline Bourgeault, Cora Hay, Leslie Jara, and Josephine Kolbeck

Poem: From the original Dos (Two) by Mikeas Sánchez

Costumes: Christopher Larson

Lighting Design: Emily Bertelli

Production: School of Dance/University of Utah, PROArtes México, Punto de Inflexión and Sr. Increíble Producciones.

Utah Dance Grad Concert 11-30-22 3964 edit.JPG
Abrirse el Cuerpo

Abrirse el Cuerpo

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